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April 25, 2012

Now in Marketplace: The Xbox LIVE version of Wordament

S-W-E-E-T! Here’s something everybody in my house has been waiting for: The Xbox LIVE version of Wordament. The wildly popular Windows Phone word game was reborn today in Marketplace with a new look and extra features. Download it now

For many people, one big draw of this new Wordament—still free, by the way—is the addition of Xbox achievements. But the game also features other nice upgrades:

  • new interface languages including French, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish (game boards remain in English)
  • a  Contains option showing every word a tile can make
  • a Guest Mode so someone else can play without wrecking your hard-earned ranking and stats
  • sound effects (the old version was silent)

Wordament is near the top of my must-have apps list. So if you’re new to Windows Phone, I highly recommend giving it a try. Once you get hooked like the rest of us, check out my recent Q&A with the game’s creators—and these pro playing tips for boosting your score.

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