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May 15, 2012

Now in Marketplace: the AboutOne family organizer

Life in a modern-day family practically requires a master’s degree in management. Talk about information overload: There are doctor’s appointments, class parties, mom’s nights out, piano lessons, details of the Disney vacation, and all kinds of other stuff to track.

Enter AboutOne, a family organizer that offers a way to corral the chaos. Download it now 

The free app—currently exclusive to Windows Phone—is designed to be a one-stop family organizer and a companion to AboutOne’s web service. The app makes it easy to store notes, kids artwork, store receipts, health stats, emergency info, and all kinds of other domestic paperwork and data so it’s organized and available whenever you need it. Another nice touch: the app is password-protected in case you ever lose your phone.

I’m only scratching the surface of all the features and scenarios where AboutOne comes in handy. The AboutOne blog has more of the scoop.

AboutOne for Windows Phone

AboutOne for Windows PhoneAboutOne for Windows Phone