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May 25, 2012

The Wrap: Flying games, photo tips, and Flo Rida

Summer—not to mention Father’s Day and graduation season—is right around the corner, and this week’s Windows Phone highlights post features a bunch of stories and tips to help you make the most of it. What were your favorite reads this week?

Consumer Reports calls Lumia 900 a top gift buy


Looking for a great gift for your dad or favorite grad? Consumer Reports’ electronics experts this week recommended Nokia’s Lumia 900 in its summer tech gift guide. Read the article. Last month the magazine called Nokia’s flagship model “the best Windows Phone so far”.

10 tips for taking better photos

Speaking of the Lumia 900, one of its standout features is the built-in 8-megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss lens. But as Nokia’s official blog noted this week, even killer camera specs aren’t always enough to achieve Annie Leibovitz-like results. So the Nokia Conversations crew phoned up noted Dutch photographer, author, and critic Haje Jam Kamps for some advice on taking better shots. See his top 10 tips. While his advice is tailored specifically for Lumia owners, some tips apply no matter what Windows Phone you’re pocketing.

10 tips for taking better smartphone photos

What’s the best Windows Phone flight sim?

The Windows Phone Marketplace stocks several great flight simulators and games—which begs the question: If you only have time for one, which should you get? Well, the intrepid writers behind the Nokia Conversations blog selflessly volunteered to spend the week soaring the virtual skies to answer this age-old question. See which sims topped their list

5 apps for getting in shape

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.—the unofficial kick-off for summer. If your body isn’t quite bathing suit ready yet (or you’re just looking to save on pricey personal trainer sessions), you might want to check out these great fitness apps in Marketplace. Reviewer Jeppe promises these 5 apps will ensure “you’re striding across that beach looking photoshopped.” See the list

And finally….Flo Rida and his Lu-mia

Our eagle-eyed friends at WMPowerUser this week spotted popular rapper Flo Rida snapping pics and texting his posse on a Nokia Lumia 900 in the new video for “Whistle.” If Flo Rida looks comfortable, it’s probably because it’s not his first time on a Lumia: The 710 showed up in the video for his tune “Wild Ones.” Watch the Whistle video

Flo Rida texts his pals on a Nokia Lumia 900 in his new video for "Whistle"