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June 8, 2012

Create Personalized Gifts in Paint with Scrappin’ Michele

For the last 16 years, Michele has been helping women find support online for their hobbies and healthy lifestyles. Michele is a mom of 4, CEO of Mom Geek Media and creator of, a blog offering daily commentary, advice, reviews and shared experiences of how her real life and the digital domain connect. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest.


Using Microsoft Paint to Create Personalized Gifts

Microsoft Paint is like this little hidden gem inside Windows. It may be a small program, but it packs a lot of punch.

I wish I could say that I am so organized that I always have cards and gifts ready weeks in advance, but the reality is that I’m lucky if I have a card at all. But even when I don’t have one, I don’t worry about it because I make a very personalized card in Microsoft Paint – in seconds.

Personalized Photo Card


Here are the steps to an easy personalized card:

  1. Open Microsoft Paint (Start and type “paint” in search)
  2. Open a photo that you would like to use to design the card.
  3. Under the shapes, click on one of the speech bubbles and choose a color 1.
  4. Put your cursor on the photo where you want the speech bubble and click and drag.
  5. Click on the A in Tools to add text to your speech bubble.
  6. Save and print out the photo
  7. Adhere to a folded piece of construction paper.

Now you have a personalized card. You can get as fancy as you would like. I will often add buttons or stickers to the card.

Personalized Birthday Cards


When my kids go to birthday parties, I always have them create their own cards and we follow these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Paint (Start and type “paint” in search)
  2. Open a New blank page.
  3. Click on the A in Tools and write the birthday child’s name.
  4. Then I let my kids have fun using any tools and shapes they want.
  5. Print out the finished piece of art and adhere to a piece of construction paper.

My kids have a lot of fun creating these cards and the birthday child feels very special getting a card made just for them.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, I also like to create personalized teacher’s gifts. My kids create a masterpiece in Microsoft Paint and we print it out. Add one of their school photos and the year, put it into a frame and it’s perfect.

If you have time, have the picture printed onto an apron or t-shirt and you have a great gift for a teacher, grandparents or any other holiday. I have found that everyone really loves getting gifts that are personalized just for them.

Let’s see what masterpieces you can come up with using Microsoft Paint!