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June 16, 2012

Vizio Launches New PC Line

Last night Vizio launched their new line of PCs via a hip party at trendy Skylight Studios West in New York City. The party started out showcasing deconstructed artwork from Gabriel Dishaw, who is a sculptor, junk artist and upcycler. Gabriel has spent the past many years using discarded technology to create works of really cool art.



Vizio showcased the art as the start to a great story: they are discarding the old technology ideas to form fresh new products that put art and design at the forefront of the conversation.The line of PCs on display at the keynote and party clearly backed up their claim. The PCs were beautiful, fluid, dynamic and incredibly thin.





The price-point-friendly PCs look simply luxurious with their anodized aluminum, all metal construction. The keys were smooth and sensitive; the screen looked like a high-end TV (understandable given their TV roots) and felt like a fast glimpse at the future of PC construction. There will by 5 models coming soon to various retailers including the Microsoft Store and you have the chance to pre-order starting today!