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June 25, 2012

VIDEO: Hands on with Windows Phone 7.8’s amazing new Start Screen

Yesterday I snuck over to the engineering building and “borrowed” a Nokia Lumia 900 running a VERY early build of Windows Phone 7.8, so I could shoot a video of the amazing new Start Screen. It’s pretty awesome; being able to resize tiles to S/M/L gives a whole new dimension – no pun intended – to personalization and customization. Take a look:

For me, the small-sized tile that made me contentedly sigh “finally…” is my Phone Tile. I don’t do that much talking on my phone and use it pretty much entirely for email, text, web, games and everything else, so it was a big relief to miniaturize it and get it out of the way. On the other hand, I’m pretty jacked to make things like email, messaging and music nice and big so I can see more of what’s going on at a glance.

Also wanted to give you a heads up that we just set up a new page on that covers all of the awesome stuff that’s coming in 7.8 – like the new start screen with resizable tiles, all of the killer new apps that are coming to Nokia Lumias, as well as a roundup of all the other app news, like the arrival of Audible, and the so-close-you-can-taste it launches of Words with Friends and Draw Something. Check it out!


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