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July 9, 2012

NEWS: HP Unveils New Sleek AIOs for Business

Today, HP is announcing a new line of sleeker, thinner and more adjustable All In One (AIO) PCs perfect for small and large business users. The new top-of-the-line HP Compaq Elite 8300 and midrange Pro 6300 running Windows show an understanding of business usage scenarios. These PCs tilt and pivot to allow all of your employees or yourself to work comfortably. There is even a way to toggle back and forth from landscape to portrait mode.


Knowing that many of you readers of the blog are small business owners, whether accomplished bloggers, students starting a new fashion line or established technical professionals, the value of an AIO is really untold. Having a larger screen size and a big work format reduces strain and can often increase efficiency. Not to mention, you can create a workplace suited for your 21st century lifestyle – fast Windows PC performance coupled with sleek design.


Curious about the speeds and feeds? These AIOs are powerful with third generation Intel Core processors and Intel HD graphics. They also have HP BIOS Protection and HP Premier Image to increase security and thus prevent viruses – important when your entire work-life exists on your one PC. Finally, it’s got full HD (yeah – high quality picture!), built in webcams for chatting with clients in other time zones and SRS Premium Sound PRO giving you optimal multimedia performance.

Want more info about how these all-in-ones can keep your business running smoothly without cramping your office? Visit HP’s business desktop page.