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August 8, 2012

Acer Powers London Olympics

Usually summertime is a season of relaxation, but not for Acer because this summer they have been busy behind the scenes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Acer is a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement and to support the games Acer has called on 350 staff members to help with the event; provided 13,500 desktops; 2,900 notebooks, 950 servers and storage systems; 13,000 computer monitors; and many tablet PCs. If you add that up is it over 30,350 pieces of hardware, and countless hours of work by Acer’s wonderful support staff.

You will find Acer PCs all across London being used for some pretty cool stuff. The Acer Internet Lounges in Stratford, Weymouth, and Engham are the spots that athletes competing in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games head to when the want to connect with friends and family. There is a mix of Acer S3 Ultrabooks, Acer ICONIA TAB W Series tablets, and Z3810 all-in-one desktops, all running Windows 7, that provide free broadband internet and printing access to the athletes who are far from home. Check out the picture of beach volleyball superstar Kerry Walsh using the Acer S3.

Kerri Walsh Acer laptop


Acer is not only helping keep the athletes connected, but they are helping to run the entire information system for the event including games management, competition scores, reception, information queries, broadcast support and more. Gerry Pennel, chief information officer for the London 2012 Olympic Games summed it up well when he said Acer’s role in supporting the games is critical because the technology has to work the “first time, and every time.”

Acer's Computing Equipment for London 2012 Olympic_01

Acer is a great sponsor of the 2012 Olympic Games in London because their spirit matches that of the event. Their motto is “Explore Beyond Limits” and I think that is really what the Olympics are all about. Michael Phelps wrapped up his swimming career with 22 medals and double-amputee runner Oscar Pistorius overcame the odds and competed with amongst the fastest runners in the world. Those are just two of the 10,000 or more athletes, who are currently representing over 204 nations. Acer has been there for all of the athletes from before the opening ceremonies, and they will continue to support them until they conclude. Next time you find yourself wondering what PC can handle all the emails, papers, Facebook updates, and Excel spreadsheets that you can throw at it, think of Acer–if they can power the Olympics, they can power you!