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August 15, 2012

New Colors and New Artist Series Mice from Microsoft Hardware

Microsoft Hardware has done a bunch of work with artists from around the world to feature their artwork on their mice. And today they are announcing new limited edition Artist Series mice!



The idea is simple: turn your Microsoft mouse into a personal form of artistic expression. You pick a design that reflects you. These 5 new exclusive designs are available on the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500. And because these mice are great for someone on the go with their PC, it’s a great way to express yourself when you are out-and-about like at a coffee shop. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 comes with BlueTrack Technology so it can be used on anything from a wood dining room table to carpet. You can check out the other limited edition Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Artist Edition mice and colors here and here. For more information on these very awesome new Artist Series mice, I suggest reading this blog post from Microsoft Hardware that talks a bit about the artists behind the designs.


Microsoft Hardware is also announcing 2 new colors for the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 (which are core colors!) – Cyan Blue and Magenta Pink.


And for the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500’s little cousin – the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 – Microsoft Hardware is announcing 3 new colors: Cyan Blue, Magenta Pink, and Flame Red.

The main difference between the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 from the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is that it lacks BlueTrack Technology, is a bit smaller, and the USB transceiver is stowed away within the battery compartment versus directly underneath the mouse like with the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500.

Exciting new colors!


Those that know me know that I like to express myself through bright (and sometimes loud) colors. I wear red shoes and have a bright orange jacket I wear around work. I’m not hard to spot as you can imagine. And I’m super excited for these new colors – especially Cyan Blue.


The Cyan Blue is my favorite mouse so far and it even matches my Windows Phone!