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September 4, 2012

Your beautiful Windows Phone pet photos

When we put out the call for your Windows Phone photos of pets, we knew we’d get some great pictures. But we were unprepared for the sheer volume and enthusiasm that we saw in the entries. Hundreds of photos rolled in, with many of you sharing happy memories and gorgeous moments. We were overwhelmed and delighted with the response.

It was enormously difficult to choose our favorites of the bunch. While we wish we could highlight every single photo that was sent in, what follows are the photos that we thought were particularly creative or well-executed (it also didn’t hurt if you followed our official instructions). Feel free to click through to see the photos in their original size.

We’ll be back with another themed photo contest soon. In the meantime, feel free to tag your Windows Phone photos on Twitter with the hashtag #WPphoto and we may highlight them on our official handle.


Max K: Taken with my HTC MOZART and I used the stock autofix feature. Louie relaxes while lying in the warm winter sun. Louie is a golden retriever x cocker spaniel and is now 5 months old.

Barry Weston Pets


Barry Weston: This is a photo of one of my two Golden Retrievers, Allie. My Wife and I took our son and two retrievers to the beach for the day. We always make it a tradition to take a few good pictures of the dogs. However, I forgot our point and shot. So I pulled out my Focus and “snap” this is the best picture of Allie ever at the beach. She knew it as well, and she stuck her tongue out at the perfect time. The photo was taken with the built-in camera app. Edited with Thumba, and applied a border with Lomogram.


Patrick Tam: Picture was taken from the original HTC Titan using the native camera app with. I just adopted these two adorable kitten siblings and Windows Phone’s physical camera button rocks for taking quick candid pictures. Can’t wait to upgrade to WP8. Keep up the goodness, Microsoft.


Gbenro Odugbemi: Snow is a two months old Samoyed we just got, Cute smart and very active, always likes to play and run around.Took the picture with my HTC Radar, and edited it with Fhotoroom (which I think is the best photo editing app on any mobile platform, almost the photoshop for phones). Effects used are #Blackpoint, #Gamma, #Colors, #Sharpen, #Tsaritsa, #TiltShift, #ClassicPro, #Brightness, #WhiteBalance, #Tones.


Adrien Di-Santo: Here’s my little geek Leo. This photo was taken with my new phone, an HTC Titan. As you can see he’s in my PC bag. He loves this place a lot. This photo has not been edited.


Martina Zanotti: This picture was taken by me with a Nokia Lumia 800 and edited using Fhotoroom. My dog Keaton, during a mountain trip, won his fear of the water. This picture captures his frightened eyes after his first river swim.


Luigi Vitale: Taken by a Samsung Omnia 7, it’s the original and it’s so beautiful (for me) that I decided to not correct or apply any effect.The subject is my cat Evi which is on my desk listening me while I’m studyingI <3 WP 🙂


Mary Gryadunova: This photograph was taken on an HTC Mozart and edited using the Lomogram and HTC’s Photo Enhancer. Mr Grey was watching birds. He was so concentrated, serious and amusing at the same time that I decided to take a photo of him.


Margriet Bruggeman: This photo was taken with a Samsung Omnia 7 phone and edited using the Photogram app (vintage setting).Sunny is so sweet that she doesn’t mind getting a lovely kiss from her little friend. I think this photo shows how these two love each other.

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson: I love living by the sea, so do our dogs! Here is my Jack Russell baby Sam enjoying a morning game of fetch in the sun. My Windows Phone is brilliant for capturing my pets. This photo was taken on my HTC Mozart 7 and I have not used any Apps or editing software for this picture.


Joey Bowles: Taken with a Samsung Focus S. Edited with Fhotoroom. This image was taken one Saturday afternoon during a college basketball game. Our team didn’t do too well and this photo expresses how we were feeling. Poor Riley McRib the greyhound.


Michael Kohlman: Dog’s name is Luna and this was taken when she was 8 weeks old on a Road Trip to my Mom and Dad’s House in Prattville Al.  She is an English Bulldog.


Ryan Schmidt: “Can you hear the wind blow?” Bezoar the Stoic overlooking the White Mountains. Taken atop Mount Cardigan on a beautiful fall day in New Hampshire, using a Verizon HTC Trophy. Edited with Fhotoroom.


Claudio Marinageli: Mega loves watching TV while sitting on my girlfriend’s lap. And indeed, here she is showing her deep interest in current economic news. Taken with an HTC Titan, edited with Apict app.


Jeff Mah: Coco, taking a nap on the bed in the summer sun. Photo was taken on my Samsung Focus.


Staci Wallace: My photo is of my 2 year old pug, Pepper. I took the picture with my HTC Titan and edited it with the HTC Photo Enhancer app. This was taken in one of Pepper’s favorite napping spots, by the back door in the sun. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and it always makes me smile when I see it as my wallpaper on my phone.

Thanks to all who entered! Until next time. And again, keep tagging your Windows Phone photos on Twitter with the hashtag #WPphoto.