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November 1, 2012

New in the Store: Nike+ Kinect Training app

This week Nike and Microsoft officially launched their eagerly-anticipated Nike+ Kinect Training program. First unveiled at last summer’s E3 gaming convention, it’s one of a growing lineup of fitness titles for the Xbox 360.

What you might not know is that there’s also a free Windows Phone companion app, which just arrived in the Windows Phone Store. Download it now

“This is really not an exercise game; it’s a game-changing, truly personalized fitness program,” Michelle Tatom, one of the title’s producers, told the Microsoft News Center in an interview this week.

Designed to emulate the benefits of working out with a world-class Nike trainer, the program pushed the Kinect sensor’s limits, requiring Microsoft engineers to create custom software for things like more precise floor tracking. It also pushed the limits of testers: Tatom said she went from being able to do three pushups at a time to 30 after using it. (The interview is a fun read if you’re curious how the title was created. )


The new Windows Phone companion app (shown below) is designed to work exclusively with Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360 (above) and access all your console activity from the phone.  You can explore workouts, track progress, connect and cheer on friends, prep for upcoming exercise sessions, and more.

With multiple food-filled holidays on the horizon and constant rain in the Seattle forecast, it sounds like just what I need. Anybody else planning to pick it up?