November 20, 2012 11:14 am

Fun with Internet Explorer 10

So you’ve just picked up Windows Phone 8 and are eager to take the new browser for a spin?

I’ve got just the spots to check out.  As the team behind Internet Explorer 10—the browser that comes with both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8—notes on its blog today, the popular sites Pulse and Atari Arcade have just been optimized for the phone. Go take a look, then read the IE team’s post for more of the backstory.

Atari Arcade

If (like me) you grew up with a 2600 under the TV—or just love classic games—you’ve got to try Atari Arcade on your phone. The site—a Time Magazine top website of 2012—is a collaboration between Microsoft and Atari designed to bring Atari’s classic line up to the web with HTML5 and multi-touch. Now the two companies have teamed up again to optimize four of the games—Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids and Super Breakout—for Windows Phone. Check them out.

Atari Arcade

Atari Arcade


One of my favorite newsreaders—with its elegant and colorful mosaic tiles—has also now been tuned for Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone. Try it at