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January 9, 2013

Winners of our festive holiday Windows Phone Photo Challenge

Last month, we asked you to send us photos that in some way communicated “Happy Holidays.” The Windows Phone photos that you sent in beautifully conveyed the emotions, the celebrations, and the weather of the season from all the world. Our favorites are below (click for full-size images).

We’ll be back with another themed photo challenge soon. In the meantime, feel free to tag your Windows Phone photos on Twitter with the hashtag #WPphoto. We’ll highlight our favorites on our official handle.



Christian Schlör: This is my “Happy Holiday Picture” It is shot with my Lumia 920, and edited with a simple tilt shift effect in the Fhotoroom app. This was on the morning of the 27.12.2012, my 40th birthday, and a great opening for a beautiful day. I´m from Germany and spend my Holidays with Friends in Serfaus (Austria), and this is what you see here.


David Scott: I took this photo of our Christmas tree just a few days after I brought home my Lumia 920! I have seen many photos of the 920’s excellent low light capabilities and my new technological companion certainly did not fail to deliver the goods as you can see!  Decorating the Christmas tree is a time-honored family tradition of ours, and this year everyone got involved!  My young children of 7 and 9 years joined in the fun with the ornament and light hanging. Capturing these moments are precisely why I selected the Nokia Lumia 920. It is the center of my digital life.


Manuel Mohr: My photo is taken at the “Naturpark Hohe Wand” in Lower Austria, which is a lovely area with many hills and forests. Almost every year during winter holidays, short before Christmas, me and my family go there to enjoy the snowy landscape. So this trip is the ultimate indicator for Christmas time and I’m looking forward to that trip the whole year. The photo attached is taken with my Lumia 820 from a lookout point and shows the fog in the valley, which is illuminated by the sun. The photo has not been modified (it simply is that beautiful!).


Spencer Charles: Unedited photo from my white Lumia 920 on my first visit to Seattle this Christmas. This picture represents the holiday season for me – the downtown streets are busy with last minute shoppers, the air is crisp and cool and large groups of families populate the sidewalks. Although I was not with my family this Christmas, I spent it with my girlfriend’s family which I hope will someday be part of my own.


Chris Wilkerson: I shot this picture with my Lumia 920 and did some minor fixes using Creative Studio. Santa Claus had just left the house, having enjoyed his milk and cookies. I think that the picture captures that quiet, reflective time of the holidays before all of the chaos of Christmas morning.


Niall Deering: Taken at the The Winter Festival on the South Bank in London, on Monday 17th December. Nokia Lumia 920, Night Mode setting Nokia Creative Studio to adjust the Color Balance, Clarity and Vibrance but no other editing. I took that photo because as nice as the hustle and bustle of the market stalls with food/beer etc were, I always remember getting to ride a carousel for the first time at Christmas [a loooong time ago!] so the photo has a whole heap of nostalgia going on 🙂 Also, I loved the image of the almost-empty ride right before all the kids [and adults] jump on.


Marios Karagiannis: It is a photo taken with a Lumia 920 in my home. I believe that Happy Holidays mean holidays in a warm home with loving family above all and what’s a better way to capture this spirit than Lumia’s awesome camera 🙂


Juan Rhodes: This photo was taken with my HTC 8X in front of the Cloud Gate, or bean as we call it, in Chicago. I think it represents the holidays because Chicago is beautiful this time of year, and the bean kind of looks like an ornament. I added filters to exaggerate this. (Edited with Fhotoroom).


Norbert Sabic: This photo was taken two days ago at the Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. A Christmas tree was placed in one of the main corridors (built in a neorenaissance fashion) of the university, but the students are already gone for their holidays. I found the still imagery fascinating because it represents to me hope in an empty space. The picture has been edited in the following way: Fhotoroom/Vignette/Portrait 2. Fhotoroom/Texture/Texture 1. Creative Studio/Quartz. The picture was taken with a Nokia Lumia 920.


Greg Statham: Birmingham Christmas markets in the UK. My 3rd date with a beautiful girl. Drinking German beer, eating German sausages. A perfect “happy holiday” moment. Taken using the Lumia 920, edited in Creative Studio.


Prateek Vaishnav: It was soothing night of this Christmas eve (16*C), a soft smell of jasmine in my garden made me pleased. I imagined flowers looks like hails..and so I used wonderful Windows Phone (the Samsung Omnia Wonder) to catch them with flash and autofocus….its luminosity is like stars in dark night.

Devin Richter

Devin Richter:  Used my HTC 8X with Photo Enhancer, FhotoRoom and LockScreen Style+. The photo was taken during a brisk walk with friends at our city’s 5 star hotel grounds. As we walked with our arms linked, hands in pockets, and conversations flowing we took in the beauty of the lights around the property. From Christmas lights to conversations and many groups of people around fire pits you couldn’t help but to feel the spirit of the holidays engulf you.

Thanks to all who entered. See you next time! And in the meantime, keep tagging your Windows Phone photos on Twitter with the hashtag #WPphoto.