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February 14, 2013

Get in the mood for love with these Windows Phone Photo Challenge winners

Happy Valentine’s Day! A few weeks ago, we asked you to submit photos that somehow captured the emotion of love. Many of you shared moving stories and powerful images. After much consideration, we’ve chosen the below photographs as this month’s winners (click through for full-size images).

Thanks for entering, and feel free to keep an eye out for a new Photo Challenge in the near future! In the meantime, keep tagging your photos with #WPphoto on Twitter to share the love, and we’ll retweet our favorites from @WindowsPhone.


Vidas Banys: These photos were shot in Cyprus…it means something really special 😉 it was taken xmas time 2012. I used lomogram for effects and phototastic for cutting. this is me and my beautiful gf Mandi 🙂 I’m using the Nokia Lumia 710.


Rich Takagi: This shot was taken with an HTC 8X and run through the HTC photo enhancer app on the phone. This couple are high school sweethearts and really good kids. The girl is a close family friend here in Kirkland WA. We took the pictures with only the HTC 8x and they loved the way they came out.


Elizabeth Brothers: Clasping hands with my partner during a romantic outing. To me, this image represents not just our love, but the importance and potential of love in human culture at large, especially in our increasingly diverse, globalized societies. Love is colorblind, and helps us to appreciate our similarities rather than fixating on our differences. Taken with my LG Quantum WP7, edited with Thumba Photo Editor.


Daniel Seraphim: This photo was taken with a Nokia Lumia 800, the pink/magenta one (I DO believe color matters). It was edited with the app Nokia Creative Studio. People have warned me that cats usually take a long time to accept a new friend in their territory (that if they ever do), but he caught us on surprise when welcome her just one week after she arrived. And by the time of this photo (aprox. 1 month after the she got home) they were like the best friends ever! Love at first sight, true friendship love 🙂


Armando Rocha: This photo was taken in July 2012 in the middle of summer here in Portugal. In the photo is my wife and my son Lucas with 6 months, the two people in my life that I love. On this day we were walking on the beach and watch the sunset and take the opportunity to take some pictures. This photo was taken with my Nokia Lumia 800. The photo was taken against light without flash and not used any application to manipulate the photo.


[Editors’ note: We know this entry was not taken with a Windows Phone but we just couldn’t resist.]

Dastan Abilev: Hello, windowsphone blog team! here is my contestant photo for LOVE themed best photo contest. I am sorry, but one of your rules was not obeyed, that is: “photo should have been taken by WindowsPhone”. But I am 100% sure that this photo is all about WindowsPhone and LOVE. on the photo: me and my wife’s WindowsPhones – Titan and Radar by HTC. what is interesting about these phones, is that they were released on the same day both, like they were made for a couple, and I immediately bought one for me and one for my beautiful wife. I am happy with my Titan, and she is so cute with her Radar. We are awesome couple with awesome couple of phones) (wallpaper on our phones is set so that my half of image is on her phone, and her half on mine) Thanks for awesome and fresh looking OS, guys!