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March 12, 2013

5 addictive new indie games for Windows Phone (March 2013)

A bumper crop of top-notch indie titles arrived in the Store since last month’s column. Here are five of my favorites. Look for more options in the Store’s Next Big Thing Collection.


My Country


Although My Country (free) might remind you of a certain other famous city-building sim, there’s nothing old-school here. This fresh take on the genre immerses you in the minutia of creating and running a growing metropolis: develop industries and transportation infrastructure, staff businesses and deal with modern issues like ecological threats and energy conservation—as you can see, there’s much more than just concrete pouring here, which explains why this game is already a hit on Windows 8. Download it.

Tired of modern life? Go medieval with Puzzle Craft (free) for Windows Phone 8, another fantastic indie city-building sim that recently arrived in the Store.

What’s the Word?



Can 38,000 people be wrong? That’s how many have reviewed What’s the Word? since its debut a few weeks ago and decided this freebie is a winner. The secret to its wildfire success (besides the price) is maddening simplicity. You get four pictures and have to figure out what single word describes them all. If you get stuck, you can use coins you earn in the game to buy hints. Publisher Random Salad Games, recognizing it has a viral hit on its hands, has been steadily adding more puzzles to the game, which now features more than 200 to keep you entertained. Download it

Tennis in the Face


Tennis in the Face ($2.99) definitely delivers on the promise of its hilarious title. Take control of troubled ex-pro Pete Pagassi (sound familiar?) as he attempts to save the city from the evil Explodz Inc. using his explosive serve.  The game has great music and lots of smashing, bashing, and face-thwacking fun. A great way to decompress after a tough day at the office. Tennis, anyone? Buy it

No Gravity


I’m a sucker for space games—and No Gravity ($1.99) is a great one. Buy it now. In this game, you’re one of the lone survivors of a deadly plague who must now must find and destroy the enemy responsible for unleashing it. Hop into one of six different ships to fly 31 increasingly challenging missions—featuring everything from underground craters to massive asteroid fields —as you attempt to exact revenge. Fast-paced gameplay makes this one a keeper.