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March 14, 2013

Dell announces XPS 18 – an All-in-One desktop that is also a tablet

Ok so this is pretty cool. Yesterday, Dell announced the newest member of their awesome XPS line (I have the XPS 13): the XPS 18. The XPS 18 is an All-in-One PC. The XPS 18 is a tablet. Wait… what?

XPS 18 Portable AIO Desktop with Peripherals and Hand



Yup – that’s right: the XPS 18 is an All-in-One PC that can be a tablet too! Dell is calling this new PC “the world’s thinnest portable All-in-One”. The XPS 18 comes in just under 5 pounds, has an 18.4” capacitive touch full HD (1920×1080), and is built on Intel’s third-generation core processors. It has a built in kick-stand on the back where it can stand on its own or can snap into a stand to be used more like a traditional PC. You can pretty much take this PC to any room in your house and use it for whatever you need – whether it’s playing games in the living room or viewing recipes in the kitchen or writing emails in your home office.

The XPS 18 will be available on in the United States and in select countries in Europe on April 16 starting at $899.99.

For more information, click here to read their blog post. Be sure to let Lionel know Brandon sent you!