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March 18, 2013

Your 10 winning Photosynth Challenge panoramas

For this month’s Windows Phone Photo Challenge, we asked you to create some panoramas using Photosynth, which just released on Windows Phone 8. Your entries came in from all over the world and contained an awesome mix of straight-up image files as well as interactive panoramas that were uploaded to The below are our favorites (click through for full-size images or to play around with the panorama).

We’ll be back with another themed photo challenge soon. In the meantime, feel free to tag your Windows Phone photos on Twitter with the hashtag #WPphoto. We’ll highlight our favorites on our official handle. Also, feel free to check out our previous winners: Pets, Favorite Places, Happy Holidays!, and Love.



Richard Smith: This photo was taken at a very secluded and little known area called Adobe Falls in San Diego. Officially I believe its ‘Navajo Canyon Open Space Adobe Falls Hiking Trail.’ Hundreds of thousands of cars pass this spot every day with no knowledge of its location or beauty. The reddish rock in the image can just barely be seen from the College Ave on Ramp to the Interstate 8 freeway. I had even contacted several San Diego park and recreation departments to try and locate it, none of which seemed to have even heard of such a place. Sadly the area has been tainted by graffiti. Empty spray cans litter the area now as do empty bottles of beer. Taken with an HTC Surround.

Richard May: This Photosynth was taken using my Lumia 800 in July 2012.  It shows the archaeological excavations inside the south shelter at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Catalhoyuk, Turkey – and shows one of the earliest towns ever built anywhere in the world.


Chris Simmons: This photo was taken using my HTC arrive at Phinizy Swamp in Augusta, GA. I took this picture on a weekend adventure with one of  my good friends. I really enjoy spending time outside and this nature reserve is just beautiful. The Photosynth app really lets me capture the moment of what’s going on around me with ease. The panoramic view you can capture is unparalleled. I cropped the photo using the Photo Crop app.


Sean Bordner: I shot this photo in St. Lucia using my Nokia Lumia 920. You can see the rain clouds over the mountains to the right, and the clear blue water on the left. A panorama shot gave me the ability to capture both of these elements in a single photo. Hand held panorama, no editing.

Mark Vella: Taken using Nokia Lumia 920 and worked only with Photosynth app, no additional editing from other software. Photo was taken in Polignano a Mare, Italy. Was there on holiday for the past three days and wanted to try out the photosynth app. We spent two hours on the beach and I had some time to build some panoramas. Quite happy with the way this one turned out as I managed to get the whole sky in!


Arad Haghi: This is a view from Tehran, the capital city of Iran, taken by me on a cloudy day in winter 2013 from a place called “Bam Tehran” at an altitude of 6266 feet, Using HTC 8X and Photosynth. Bam Tehran is a resort / sport complex where I go for hiking, skiing and playing tennis. At the far right side of this image, the Milad Telecommunication Tower is in sight. This Photosynth is also available at this link.


Augusto Ferreira: I’m paraguayan, but I took this pic. in a travel to Río… I was shocked! I used my Samsung Omnia 7, Photosynth and Fantasia Painter for the rest of details, like cropping, B&W and contrast. The “Arcos da Lapa” or “Lapa Arches” is an old aqueduct, it’s considered the architectural work of greater importance of Old Río and one of the main symbols of the city. The Roman-style building is 17.6 meters high, 270 meters long and 42 arches.

Lawrence Lam: Given current world events, I thought this Synth of St. Peter’s Square would be appropriate. I took this almost a year ago during a business trip to Rome. This was taken with a Samsung Focus.

KyleParhamPhotosynth.JPG (2)

Kyle Parham: I took this picture using the Photosynth App on my HTC Arrive Windows Phone 7.5. There was no other editing done. I was on leave visiting family before I left for Afghanistan and my father and I took a trip to Clear Lake, Washington to go fishing. I am 26 years old and this was the first time in my life I had ever been fishing with my dad. It was a really great experience. I took this picture in July of 2012. I decided to snap a picture from where we were fishing with the Photosynth App because the regular pictures I was taking didn’t do justice to the true beauty of the entire scene before me. It was an amazingly beautiful day that I will never forget. Here is the link from the website.

Andrea Swisstack: I captured a panorama at Mt Baker Ski Resort outside of Bellingham, WA with Photosynth using my HTC 8x. My sister an I head up here every year to go snowshoeing, get away from the City and exercise our dogs.  This destination cannot be beat and the 360 views are amazing!