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March 22, 2013

Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures now in the Windows Store

I’m posting this on behalf of my colleague Jim Hawk from Microsoft Game Studios who is the Executive Producer of Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures. 

Your child can transform themselves into the newest resident of Pixie Hollow, a beloved character that goes by the name of Tinker Bell. Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures is the first of 70 hidden object episodes of Disney Interactive titles for Xbox Games on Windows 8. This is a new and engaging game where your child can spend their time working through puzzles, problem solving and using logic to find hidden treasure.


After discovering her talent, Tinker Bell invents, builds and repairs new contraptions to make life easier for her fairy friends. Your child can join Fairy Mary, Bobble and Clank, Rosetta, Iridessa and all the other fairies as they teach Tink about Pixie Dust, sprinting thistles, the many uses of acorns, and the magical world of Pixie Hollow. Each episode of this puzzle based adventure features mini stories from the world of Pixie Hollow and is a part of an even larger tale.


After 8 months of hard work we’re proud of the end result of our collaborative effort with Disney, Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures. Together we wanted to broaden the spectrum and have a game that was fresh and new for parents and children. It was important to us to bring you a game where you could feel good about your kids playing. The specially designed “Read to me” mode allows parents and children to play and read together. You can let your child begin their journey into the magical and engaging world of Pixie Hollow that will challenge them to think and focus on an experience that is entertaining.


Something else you can stay tuned for in the coming weeks, is another adventure available for download within the game so stay tuned for that! You can expect more engaging challenges and memorable adventures for your child to play along with.

Download from the Windows Store today!