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March 25, 2013

Windows Phone Next App Star—it’s down to 32

Your Final Four bracket might be a bust, but you can still be a winner in Windows Phone Next App Star, our ongoing bracketed app tournament pitting developers from around the world against each other.

Round Three of the competition kicks off tomorrow. Help decide which of the 32 remaining contenders makes it through by voting today in the latest head-to-head matchups, which you can see here on Facebook. The app that survives until April 8 will be crowned Windows Phone Next App Star and featured in a Windows Phone TV commercial. Every vote you cast is an entry to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phones (see official rules for details).

And remember you can boost your chances of nabbing a phone by sharing the contest with your Facebook friends. If anyone clicks on your referral link and votes, your entries to win are doubled. So which app are you rooting for?