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April 3, 2013

Interview with Ted Schilowitz from RED Digital Cinema

I recently had the honor of hosting Ted Schilowitz (employee #1) from RED Digital Cinema on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Ted presented a 4K technology showcase that included RED cameras, HP PCs with Windows post production tools, and a Windows 8 4K multi-mon setup run off a single AMD 7970 video card. Here is a picture of the 4K multi-display set-up from my lab during setup:

4K Multi-Mon setup Windows 8 1200 2
HP Z820 with AMD 7970 powering a 32” Sharp 4K desktop display (left) and a 55” Toshiba 4K TV (right)

Ted’s talk included a fascinating history of RED as they created the first viable digital cinema camera (The RED ONE). In the last 6 years, RED has progressed from a technology concept to a widely adopted system for shooting major motion pictures digitally.

RED Presenation Ted 1 Crop 2 1200

Ted Schilowitz talks about films that are “shot on RED”

Attendees got the opportunity to touch RED EPIC cameras, and Ted delivered a quick hands-on training session to show how RED footage is acquired with the EPIC and edited on Windows with REDCINE-X PRO and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. It was an awesome opportunity to get hands-on insights from employee #1 from RED.

RED Presenation Eban Michael with Ted 1200

Microsoft video professionals Eben Hall (back left) and Michael O’Neill (back right) get hands-on with RED EPIC cameras

RED Presenation RED EPIC 1200

One of a few RED cameras that were available for participants to hold, turn on, and shoot with

Check out this video with Ted as we discuss how RED is using Windows in their training programs (CAMP RED and REDUCATION). Ted gives some interesting insights about kids and technology adoption!

Here’s some links to more information about the HP workstations mentioned in the video:

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