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April 29, 2013

Three smartphones and a wedding

Some of you might start seeing a new Windows Phone ad on TV today. If you don’t trust serendipity, you can also watch it right here.

Me? I chuckled when I first saw the spot. As you’ll see, it plays off the strong—even irrationally strong—feelings some of us harbor about the technology in our purses and pockets. You might recognize someone you’ve met among the wedding guests. You might see shades of yourself. I sure did—and smiled.

We have our own fans, of course. And while they may be outnumbered (for now), they’re no less proud and routinely urge us to do more to get the word out about Windows Phone. So we took a lighthearted approach that underscores a simple, oft-overlooked truth:

There are choices. iPhone and Android aren’t the only—or even best—options out there for all smartphone buyers.

And Microsoft isn’t the only one making this point. This year the Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 won Engadget’s Smartphone of the Year prize, beating the iPhone 5 and the cream of the current Android crop. Windows Phone 8 also swept the mobile OS category in PCMAG’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards. Finally Gizmodo, after conducting the mother of all mobile photography shoot-outs, concluded the Lumia 920’s camera was tops among smartphones, especially in low light. “You can’t beat it,” wrote editors.

In contests like these, voters and reviewers typically cite Windows Phone’s unique design and exclusive features like Live Tiles, Kid’s Corner, offline maps, and Lenses as other big reasons to choose Microsoft’s approach over everyone else’s.

Too bad you can’t cram all this into a 30-second TV spot.