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May 2, 2013

Now in the Store: Star Trek App and Untappd

Romulan ale, anybody? A pair of official apps focused on two of life’s greatest pleasures—Star Trek and beer—landed in the Windows Phone Store today. Both are Windows Phone 8 only. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Star Trek App


The latest Star Trek installment, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” lands in theaters May 17, but the free and official Windows Phone 8 companion app is here now. Beam it down. Like Tribbles, movie tie-in apps aren’t always worth the trouble. But any fan of the franchise will want this one. Trekkers get the latest movie news—including exclusives available only through the app—and can enter giveaways to win an official Starfleet uniform and other movie memorabilia. If you don’t already have one yet, you can also buy a ticket for the May 15 IMAX sneak preview via the app. The trivia quizzes and polls are a fun way to kill time while you’re counting down the days.

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Drink this in, beer lovers: The official Untappd app is now available for Windows Phone 8. (When you’re born with the name Stroh, you tend to notice these kinds of things.) Download it here.  Billed as a “social discovery” tool for craft beers and microbrews, the free app helps you discover new styles and the watering holes that serve them. Create wish lists, share reviews and photos of favorite brews, see what’s trending, and get personalized recommendations based on what you’ve quaffed in the past. Untappd also has a Foursquare-like check in feature so you can see where your friends are drinking. As if sipping a well-made beer wasn’t its own reward, the app also injects some fun into the pursuit by giving you badges when you try new places and pours.  Cheers!

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