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May 16, 2013

Dell Announces New Workstations: Dell Precision T1700 series and Dell Precision R7610

Today Dell announced some exciting new workstation PCs, the Dell Precision T1700 small form-factor workstation, the Dell Precision T1700 mini-tower workstation, and the Dell Precision R7610 rack-mounted workstation.

Precision T1700 MT Workstation

The new Dell Precision T1700 mini-tower (left) and Dell Precision T1700 small form-factor (right)

The new T1700 mini-tower now offers 150W for graphics and an expanded set of ISV certifications, providing customers with even more power and reliability – all at about the price of a typical desktop PC. The new Dell small form-factor T1700 workstation PC is an incredibly small and light workstation PC that takes up minimal space. Both new T1700 workstations offer next-generation Intel processors, your choice of AMD or NVIDIA professional discrete graphics and Intel integrated graphics. These workstations also have some great standard features like dual front mounted USB 3.0 ports and PCIx x16 Gen 3 slots. Pricing for both T1700 workstations will be released by Dell on June 4.

Precision R7610 Rack Workstation

The new Dell Precision R7610 rack workstation

Today Dell also announced a new member of the Dell rack workstation family: the R7610. Compared to previous Dell rack workstations, this new rack workstation will offer:

  • Greater performance
  • Enhanced remote experience
  • New virtualization capabilities

For this new rack workstation, Dell has packed the hardware capabilities of the Dell T7600 tower workstation into a compact 2U rack form-factor.

In addition to 1:1 remote computing, the R7610 now enables up to four users to access the workstation in a virtualized environment without sacrificing performance, resulting in increased access and better utilization of their assets. The Dell R7610 can support up to four single wide graphics cards including the NVIDIA Quadro K2000, NVIDIA Quadro K4000, and AMD FirePro W5000 cards or up to three double wide cards like the NVIDIA K5000. Also of note is the fact that the Dell R7610 supports Dell’s Reliable Memory Technology, and memory capacity has been expanded to four channels with up to 256GB in 16 DIMM slots. The Dell Precision R7610 rack workstation will be available starting at $2,179 on May 21.

For more details, please see the official Dell press release.

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