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May 23, 2013

Announced: New Kinect for Windows Sensor and SDK

The announcement of Xbox One made this a very exciting week for tech enthusiasts. Xbox One will no doubt change the way we think about gaming and entertainment, and I’m eagerly awaiting my opportunity to experience this new technology first-hand.

Today more exciting news was shared related to the new generation of Kinect: next year we’ll see a new Kinect for Windows sensor and corresponding Kinect for Windows SDK. The next generation Kinect for Windows sensor will have enhanced capabilities compared to its predecessor, and it will power some exciting new Windows PC experiences!

Kinect Skeletal Tracking

Here are some highlights of the new generation of Kinect for Windows hardware and software:

  • Higher fidelity data
  • Expanded field of view
  • Improved skeletal tracking
  • New active IR

The Kinect for Windows team has also shared that more details will be available at BUILD 2013, so we’ll all know more soon. Be sure to watch the announcements and news related to BUILD this year, it’s going to be exciting!

You can read more about the capabilities of the new Kinect for Windows hardware and software HERE.

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