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May 29, 2013

Now in the Store: Rayman Jungle Run & Rabbids Go Phone

Two new Xbox games arrived this morning—one for Windows Phone 8 and one for Windows Phone 7.5. Check them out.

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman, a character first introduced in a 2D platformer back in 1995, has been rebooted and—guess what?—he’s still running. In Rayman Jungle Run ($2.99) for Windows Phone 8, you help him progress through 50 gorgeous levels, collecting “lums” (you’ll find out) and achievements along the way. Rayman can jump, fly, punch—even run on a wall. Five new worlds for running await, including the treetops, under the roots, and—if you’re really good—the Land of the Livid Dead. Buy it

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Rabbids Go Phone

Uh-oh—there’s a Rabbid in your Windows Phone. In this zany Windows Phone 7.5 game ($.99) you’re given a bunch of fun ways to tease and playfully toy with your captive. Tickle, toss, and shake him. Play tricks on him with a toilet brush and a goldfish (which—oops—just might be a piranha in disguise). You can even take your picture with him and share it on Facebook. There are wallpapers, videos, and images to unlock, including thematic backdrops for the Rabbid playground. Buy it

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