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June 17, 2013

Adobe CC Apps Available Starting Today

Starting later today, Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can download, install, and use the new Creative Cloud apps from Adobe. In addition to the many new features in these apps, the entire Creative Suite has now been fully integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, hence the “CC” in the new app names.


Windows is a great platform for these kinds of professional-grade digital post production apps because of the wide selection of powerful PC hardware, extensive GPU/Graphics options, device connectivity support, and storage technologies to name a few things. Wondering how these CC apps will run on Windows 8? I’ll be following-up with posts that will show these apps in action with some extreme hardware and display configurations, so stay tuned!

While there are too many updates and enhancements for CC apps to list in this blog post, I’ll walk through some of the notable changes to some of the more popular Adobe Pro-Photo and Pro-Video apps.

Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC feels a lot like Premiere Pro CS6, but has some great new features and improvements. I had the opportunity to use a pre-release build of Photoshop CC, and it took no time at all to ramp up and work at a normal pace.

New/Improved in Premiere Pro CC:

  • Enhanced GPU support including multi-gpu hardware configurations
  • Redesigned timeline with new shortcuts and new selective paste attributes dialog
  • Link and locate which helps find files that your project is dependent on
  • Multicam editing enhancements including multi-track audio sync
  • New closed captioning capabilities
  • More codecs and native formats built-in
  • Lumetri Deep Color Engine for efficient color grading

Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC has some very exciting new capabilities that I can’t wait to try! Here’s a high-level summary of some of the improvements and new features in Photoshop CC:

  • All-new Smart Sharpen with noise optimizations
  • Intelligent upsampling which enables optimal image resolution enhancement
  • Integrated Camera Raw 8 support
  • Camera shake reduction which restores image sharpness

After Effects CC

After Effects CC integrates the latest in 2D and 3D animation technology from Adobe. This new version of After Effects integrates improvements and features that unlock new possibilities for animators and film professionals including:

  • GPU and multi-processor performance improvements
  • 3D Camera Tracker for better motion/object tracking
  • Live 3D Pipeline supporting CINEMA 4D objects and scenes
  • Warp Stabilizer VFX including selection of stabilized object from scene
  • Pixel Motion Blur for synthesized or enhanced motion blur

Do you have a favorite new feature in the new CC apps? Please leave a comment!

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