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July 8, 2013

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat: Keeping Up with Your Physical and Mental Health! #winchat

I hope you all had a happy July Fourth! As we head into the middle of the month, it is easy to get encumbered by the summer slumber (say that fast three times). Dazed by the sun, the promise of great outdoors trips and activities, and the leisure to lounge around with less stress than usual, we often forget to keep up with two essentials: physical and mental health (who can say no to an extra Popsicle by the pool?).

This Tuesday, we will be highlighting health and news apps for Windows 8 that will help you keep up with recent events, and keep healthy, as you enjoy the summer.

To lead a healthy summer, you first have to eat well. We will be sharing tips and tricks on amazing apps such as Great British Chefs, OpenTable, and StreetEats.


Through the Great British Chefs app you not only can find new, refreshing, and healthy recipes, but you also will magically be handed a shopping list tailored to your half-stocked fridge and the size of your dinner party! Cooking is hard enough, why burden yourself with the math?

The next step to a healthy summer is maintaining a balance between calorie input and output. We will be discussing how to track where you spend the calories you’ve accrued with MyPlate Calorie Tracker by


This incredibly intuitive app has a clean and attractive interface that makes it easy to tell where you are with your calorie count. Use KinectHealth to keep up with your exercise goals when you feel like staying indoors, and the Digital Health Scorecard to make sure your goals are challenging enough!

Now that you’re healthy, on the go, and clambering from one mountain peak to the next jungle gym, remember to stay on top of the news. Take CNN to go! Without any digging on your end, the app caters to you the most prominent news stories. Also try out the Wall Street Journal, Rockmelt, and CNET apps to have a comprehensive grasp on the news.


Join us tomorrow to learn how to make the most of your summer while keeping up with physical and mental health for a chance to win your very own ASUS VivoTab. The tablet is perfect for running these three Windows Apps (and more!), and is an easy companion to travel with.

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See you all tomorrow!