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August 8, 2013

Sony announces VAIO | red edition PCs

I love the color red. I wear red sneakers. And I had a red Lumia 920 before I traded up for a yellow Lumia 1020 two weeks ago. So I am excited about Sony’s announcement today of new VAIO | red edition PCs.

13Summer_VAIO_Pro_13_top_R - Copy

13Summer_VAIO_Pro_11_touch_front-left_startscreen_R - Copy

VAIO | red edition is a limited number of VAIO Duo, Pro, and Fit models that come in a lustrous, rich, glossy red finish. This red finish is created by a variety of painting techniques on different materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Multiple layers of paint are applied and hand polished giving it a distinctive color.

13Summer_VAIO_Duo_13_front_startscreen_R - Copy

 13Summer_VAIO_Duo_13_back01_R - Copy

All models in the VAIO | red edition PCs come with impressive performance: a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 12GB of memory and 512GB of storage. VAIO Red Collection models also come with Solid State Drive (SSD) options. The VAIO Pro 13 is the first laptop to come with a high-speed PCIe SSD which provides faster performance than normal SSDs. The VAIO Fit 15 offers a Hybrid Hard Drive and a Blu-ray drive that both reads and writes Blu-ray discs. And all VAIO | red edition PCs come with a full-size backlit and full-pitch keyboard, track pad and instant PC resume technology as well as NFC.

The VAIO | red edition PCs are available through the Sony store. The VAIO Duo 13 model is available for $2,999.99 (U.S.). The VAIO Pro 13 model is available for $2,599.99 (U.S.). And the VAIO Fit 15 model is available for $1,999.99 (U.S.).