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August 22, 2013

If you thought The Wedding ad was funny, wait until you see The Recital

Here comes the sequel to the most-watched Windows Phone video of all time.

Windows Phone continues to post the largest year-over-year global market share gains of leading mobile operating systems and win awards for customer satisfaction. Apparently, many people also like our ads.

When “The Wedding” debuted last April, one pundit called it “the best tech ad in years.” Our humorous take on the smartphone wars has since been watched more than 6.25 million times on YouTube and shared more than 27,000 times—a Windows Phone record.

Today we wanted to share a sneak peak of our latest spot, “The Recital.” Set to air during MTV’s Video Music Awards this Sunday, the ad features the same director (Roman Coppola) and many of the same zany actors as the original. But the real star is the new Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 1020, which CNET declared has the “best camera in the industry.” AT&T customers also give it a 5-star average rating. Check it out:

If you haven’t held a Lumia 1020 in your hand, or tried snapping a picture with it yet, I highly recommend heading over to AT&T or a Microsoft Store for a test drive—and feel free to leave your DSLR or point-and-shoot camera at home.