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September 3, 2013

Disney’s movie-inspired Wreck-It Ralph arrives with 100+ levels, 5 games in one

Big, lovable Ralph and his pals from the hit Disney film come together on your phone in Wreck-It Ralph ($0.99) for Windows Phone 8. Buy it now

The game delivers five fun games inspired by some of the movie’s most memorable scenes. There’s Fix-It Felix Jr., where you fix what Ralph has wrecked; Hero’s Duty, which lets you suit up as Sergeant Calhoun and blast cy-bugs; Sweet Climber, where fizzy jet packs help get you toward the top; Turbo Time, a fiery-fast race for gold; and Flight Command, a wildly fun flight simulator that toughens up all your piloting skills.

You’ll need a lot of skill (not to mention time) to get through the 100+ levels here. But what’s more fun than wrecking, fixing, blasting and soaring right from the palm of your hand?

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