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September 11, 2013

Updated Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop Available Today

Dell has started shipping an updated version of their flagship gaming desktop, the Alienware Aurora. The updated Aurora now features the latest in high-performance PC hardware along with an innovative optional chassis that features an intelligent thermal management system for optimal heat dissipation.

Alienware Aurora Desktop with ALX Chassis

Powerful Hardware Options
The updated Alienware Aurora is now available with the latest processor and graphics technologies. The “Extreme Edition” option (I personally like that name) will include latest Intel Core i7 processors with as many as 6 cores and 15MB of cache, and overclock speeds up to 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost technology. The Alienware Aurora will also be available with the latest graphics technologies so that gamers can experience the latest DirectX games at their highest settings. Included in these graphics offerings are NVIDIA GeForce 700-series cards and AMD 8900-series graphics cards.

Innovative Design and Features
Alienware is known for their great engineering and design, and the Alienware Aurora takes things to the next level. One of the optional features that I’m interested in is what Alienware calls the ALX Chassis. The ALX chassis includes an advanced thermal management system that uses sensors at various locations inside the chassis to optimize cooling and acoustics for these extreme gaming systems. Active vents at the top of the PC open and close dynamically to provide additional heat dissipation and keep the internal components from overheating- sounds amazing!

Here are some additional features incorporated into the Alienware Command Center on the new Alienware Aurora:

  • AlienFX lighting control system allows you to create customized lighting themes (25 billion lighting configurations possible with the ALX chassis). AlienFX lighting integration is offered in over 60 game titles today to enhance your overall gaming experience with interactive lighting effects.
  • AlienAdrenaline custom game and application launcher also features a system performance optimizer and performance monitoring tool.
  • AlienFusion power management and Thermal Controls to customize your active venting settings.

Pricing and Availability
The updated Alienware Aurora is available in the United States and select countries around the world starting today.

Entry level configuration:

  • Unlocked and overclocked Intel Core i7-4820K Ivy Bridge-E processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 1.5GB DDR5 graphics card
  • Starting at $1399. (USD)

Additional information available on the Alienware website.

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