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September 25, 2013

In Tetris Blitz, a classic returns on Windows Phone 8—with a twist

Electronic Arts has rebooted one of the classic and most addictive puzzle games of all time. If you thought the original Tetris was fun, wait until you try it on a timer.

In the free Tetris Blitz, you have two minutes to clear lines and rack up as many points as you can. But a timer isn’t the only thing that sets this reimagined game apart from the 30-year-old version you played as a kid. Tetris Blitz also features Xbox Live achievements, Facebook leaderboards for competing against friends, and all-new controls and scoring modes. The upshot? The game you thought you knew will make your heart race all over again. Download it now



Weren’t around when the game was first released? Here’s what the very first version of Tetris looked like in 1984 on a Soviet DVK-2 computer, where it made its debut.