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October 1, 2013

Don’t miss today’s double dose of app deals

There are always great deals to be found in the Windows Phone Store, and this week is no exception.

First off, Gameloft today permanently slashed prices on three of its popular Xbox titles: Assassin’s Creed: Altair Chronicles HD, Brain Challenge HD, and Uno HD. You can now grab all these former $4.99 games for just 99 cents.

Altair Chronicles HD (below) is a 3D blend of stealth, chaotic action, and puzzle-solving set in the Middle East during the Crusades. Brain Challenge HD is a personal brain coach that leads you through 43 different, entertaining mini-games in categories including memory, logic, and math. And Uno HD, of course, is the classic matching-cards game, now featuring Tournament Mode for more challenging play.

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Next up: this week’s crop of Red Stripe Deals. If you’re new to Windows Phone, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this Store collection, which each week serves up three steeply discounted—50% off or more— apps, indie games and Xbox titles. In the latest trio of bargains you’ll find camera app ProShot (shown below), match-3 adventure game The Path of Kara, and cute physics-based Xbox game iBlastMoki.