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October 9, 2013

Toshiba introduces new laptops ready for business

Today, Toshiba introduced their new Z-Series line of Windows 8.1 Pro laptops that are built for business, as well as the Satellite Z30 geared for those who crave style, entertainment and portability.


The Z-series comes in three different flavors (which I will dive into in a bit), but there are some awesome features that are consistent across all of them. For example, they are all powered by the 4th generation Intel Core processor up to core i7. No matter what program and apps you run, the Z-Series will be ready to power them.


We all know that the daily grind can take its toll on a laptop, so Toshiba has gone the extra mile to ensure that the Z-series is optimized for durability. Each of the models in the series has passed multiple rigorous tests to ensure that they achieve the quality standards that Toshiba requires. Each laptop has also been drop tested and each keyboard has been tested to be spill-resistant.

Select models feature BitLocker and a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) offering superior security for all of your sensitive data. If your laptop was ever lost or stolen, your hard drive will be encrypted so that the data can never be compromised. I really believe that if you have a business, this is a must have feature.

Now, let’s talk about the three different members of the Z-series family.

First up is the Portégé Z30, a super-premium, powerful, and thin laptop. It has an optional touchscreen (which I would highly recommend) and a 13.3” screen. If you care about style and want to have some pizzazz when you walk in to your meeting, get this beauty. Next is the Tecra Z40, ideal for people who are out and about on a daily basis featuring a 14.1” screen. And finally, the Tecra Z50, for all of your numbers people out there. This laptop has a numeric keyboard and enjoyable 15.6” screen.

All three members of the Z-series family have a wide range of ports, ideal for connecting to projectors in meetings, multiple monitors at your desk, and they even sport an SD card slot making picture uploading easy.

Satellite Z30

If you are looking for a laptop with all day power, don’t miss the Satellite Z30 with a very impressive battery life of up to 12 hours. Watch movies, surf the web, check email, all day and well into the night. This will be even more enjoyable with the 13.3” display—your screen will be bright, sharp, and very clear with this laptop.


Like its Z-series counterparts the Z30 has been through Toshiba’s gamut of testing and is drop and spill resistant. If you have kids, or kids at heart, this laptop will be tough enough to hand them without worry.

The Z-series and Satellite Z30 will be available in Europe during the fourth quarter in 2013