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October 11, 2013

Three Angry Birds games on Windows Phone get big updates

Flocking awesome! Rovio today delivered big free updates for three of its Angry Birds titles on Windows Phone 8, bringing more levels, more powers, and more avian adventures. Here’s the rundown. Missing a title? Add it to your Angry Birds collection for just 99 cents.

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Angry Birds adds 15 extra levels of gameplay with new, improved powers—all-new manual targeting means you can fling Red with greater accuracy. Buy Angry Birds

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Angry Birds Space comes with an even bigger update—35 new levels set in a corner of the galaxy with exploding crystal planets and a mutant Space Pig. And there’s lots of loot to discover, too, with precious jewels and mother lodes of sparkling minerals. Buy Angry Birds Space

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Finally, the action in Angry Birds Star Wars amps up on the Moon of Endor, with 30 new levels, swinging logs, and AT-ST walkers. Face-off with Stormtroopers, use drums for bouncing birds toward their targets—and watch each bounce rouse the moon’s sleepy-eyed Ewoks. The update also adds a tense final showdown to knock out the Death Star’s deflector shield. Buy Angry Birds Star Wars.