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October 31, 2013

Disney’s Stack Rabbit now available in the Windows Store

The puzzle adventure game Stack Rabbit from Disney is now available (free with in-app purchase options) from the Windows Store offering hours of hopping, stealing, and stacking fun.


In Stack Rabbit, you play as Ben the Rabbit who must steal from a nearby vegetable patch to feed his bunny family. The goal is simple: aim for three of a kind, and watch the veggies grow back as you match them. Just don’t let Ben stack his loot too high – that can be a deadly mistake. You also have to make sure to avoid Max the guard dog who is keeping a watchful eye on the farm’s veggies. If he wakes up from his nap, he’ll chasse you through fast-paced levels. There are 65 levels to hop, spring and match your way through for free. And you can connect with friends on Facebook to track their progress on the game map.

Download Disney’s Stack Rabbit from the Windows Store today!