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November 6, 2013

7 best Windows Phone indie games of November 2013

The holidays are looming, and you know what that means: Long stretches of sweet, well-earned downtime to sit around and play.

That’s why I’m especially excited about this month’s picks for the best new indie games on Windows Phone. While each month has its share of gems, this is an especially memorable crop. Take the first title in the list, Trouserheart, a game whose burly hero prances around in heart-patterned undies on a heroic quest to retrieve his pants. Enough said?

You’ll find this and other great picks in the Store’s Next Big Thing collection. And, as always, let me know which of your favorite new games I left off the list. See you next month.


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Caught with your pants down? Try getting caught with no pants at all. That’s the predicament King Trouserheart finds himself in. Mischievous monsters have made off with the bottom half of his royal wardrobe, and in this lighthearted game of sartorial adventure and silliness, it’s your job to get them back. Highly recommended for gamers of all humor and skill levels. (WP8; $1.99).

CJ: Strike Back

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CJ is City Jumper, and in this endless running game he’s off to save the city from an army of invading aliens. Execute gymnastic leaps and rolls, and acquire shields to keep your run uninterrupted as you fight mechanized troops, kill the alien boss, and rescue the metropolis from doom. (WP7.5/8; free)


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You’re about to become a burger master chef—and in the process see just how hectic slinging buns can be. The faster you prep customers’ orders in your chain restaurant, the more money and tips you earn. The more orders you take, the more ingredients appear—for everything from burgers to desserts to sodas. And when you play in Career Mode, every day is a little more difficult. 300 levels and 40 achievements in all. (WP8; free)

An Alien with a Magnet

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Easy to control but hard to master, this game puts a kooky little alien in your hands. He needs to get home, and a spaceship with a single magnet is all he’s got to get him there. But as you pick up diamonds, find secret orbs, and unlock new levels, you’ll get him that much closer. The beautiful, high-res artwork is reason alone to put this game on your phone. (WP8; $1.99)

Street Outlaws

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This exciting Drift Mania title lets players compete in underground drift events in locations set around the world—from Japan to the Swiss Alps to the twisting hills of San Francisco. You’ll encounter some of the world’s most harrowing and hazardous routes, and while you might occasionally want to take a break and rest by the roadside, you probably won’t be able to tear yourself away. (WP8; $0.99)

Pocket Army


They may be little, but they sure know how to fight. In Pocket Army, you assemble the tiny soldiers, then lead them into battle against an evil enemy whose power seems to swell by the minute. With cool RPG elements and hack-and-slash action quests, the gameplay does not disappoint. (WP8; free)

Zombie Derby

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A derby isn’t the most civilized event for car-lovers, but then nobody counted on a zombie apocalypse interrupting the day. Take control of your car to see how far you can go and how many staggering spooks you can take down in the process. If you’re lucky, you’ll make it through all five locations with your brains intact. If not, get ready for some rip-roaring 3D gore. (WP8; free)