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November 6, 2013

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus available late November

If you are looking to treat yourself (or somebody you love) this holiday season to a premier PC, than look no further than the brand new Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus available starting in late November. I was able to get my hands on it yesterday and I was beyond impressed for these three reasons: the screen, the design & feel, and power & performance.

Let’s start straight off with my favorite thing about the ATIV Book 9—the screen. From the second it lights up, it is beautiful, clear and bright. Basically, it is 13.3 inches of QHD+ (quad high definition) bliss. The resolution stands at 3200×1800 which far exceeds the Apple MacBook with Retina display. Text on a website is crystal clear, while photos and movies look better than ever.


I grouped design and feel together because I personally think that they go hand in hand. If something looks great, but doesn’t feel great when you use it then it is disappointing and vice versa. The ATIV Book 9 looks and feels stunning. The slim profile looks great sitting on a desk or tucked under your arm while waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop. The ATIV Book 9 is sandblasted to achieve a perfect matte finish which leaves this PC feeling soft and smooth. But, don’t let that worry you because the body is entirely made out of aluminum ensuring that it is incredibly solid.


clip_image004 clip_image006

Powered by Windows 8.1 and an Intel Core i7 processor, this PC can handle powerful programs and apps with ease. It is very quick and will boot up from being completely off in less than 6 seconds (how exciting is that?). With a meaty 7.5 hours of battery life you can watch multiple movies, play games or even work all day.

Priced at $1799.99, this PC is a bit of an investment, but if you are looking for a PC with a “wow-factor” this one will definitely not disappoint you. It is available for pre-sale right now exclusively at and will hit shelves in late November