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November 13, 2013

The cat’s meow: My Talking Tom now available for Windows Phone 8

My Talking Tom

The Talking Tom virtual pet apps have entertainedmillions of smartphone owners—and inspired numerous, ahem, copycats—since their debut in 2010. Tom himself has also become a star of social media, music videos, and toy aisles.

Now developer Outfit7 is releasing a new installment in the series called My Talking Tom, which just arrived in the Store for Windows Phone 8 and looks like it has the makings of another megahit. Download it now

Tom fans will find their favorite feline is chattier than ever, and responds to strokes and pokes with trademark comedy. But My Talking Tom also features more lifelike and engaging 3-D animations—and a fun new storyline. This time around you adopt Tom as a kitten and raise him to adulthood. Choose or change his fur color, dress him how you want, feed him, play with him, even decorate his home to help him feel like a part of your family. This Tamagotchi-style app will appeal to kids and adults alike.