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November 19, 2013

Download the Xbox One SmartGlass app and get ready for your Xbox One

This Friday is the launch of Xbox One. I am pretty stoked! I’ve got my “Day One Edition” coming. If you are like me and have an Xbox One on the way, you can get ready for your Xbox One by downloading the Xbox One SmartGlass app for your Windows tablet and for your Windows Phone. The app unlocks a whole new way to experience content on Xbox One.


As your Xbox One is completing the setup process, you can use the Xbox One SmartGlass app to get familiar with some of the new features of Xbox One. Three areas of the new Xbox SmartGlass app to check out are Achievements and Challenges, Friends, and Pins. Pins for example works on the Xbox One just like it does in Windows 8.1 and on your Windows Phone by pinning content to your Start screen. Once setting up your new Xbox One is complete, you can use the Xbox SmartGlass app to connect to your Xbox One, navigate the dashboard and even snap apps, just as you’re used to in Windows 8.1.

Of course, once you’re up and running with your Xbox One, the SmartGlass app brings along some immersive 2nd screen experiences. Games and apps like Dead Rising 3, Madden 25, Battlefield 4, Just Dance 2014, Internet Explorer, and Machinima feature a SmartGlass Companion on Day 1.

For more information on the new Xbox One SmartGlass app, head on over to Xbox Wire.

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