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November 19, 2013

Get your Windows Phone ready for Xbox One with the new SmartGlass app

Ahead of Friday’s release of Xbox One, the Xbox team today launched an all-new SmartGlass companion app for its next-gen game console. The app, available on both Windows phones and tablets, offers a whole new way to experience Xbox One.

Download it for Windows Phone 8

Download it for Windows 8

Fans of the popular SmartGlass app for Xbox 360 will find plenty of new and innovative features alongside familiar handy ones.

The new app, for example, makes it easy to navigate your Xbox One dashboard, play videos and other media, and browse the web on your TV. You can also message friends, track Xbox Achievements, and unlock Challenges (a new community-focused feature similar to Achievements but more time sensitive). Speaking of cool new features, the new SmartGlass app can also play Game Clips, the recorded highlight videos that Xbox One lets you create and share, as well as snap apps, making multitasking on Xbox One a breeze.

There’s more. With the app you can easily manage your Pins, another new Xbox One feature that provides fast access to your favorite games or people. If you’re familiar with the Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 Start screens, then you already get the concept.

But the best part about SmartGlass for many people is how it serves as a second screen to whatever you’re playing on your TV. And the Xbox One version takes this second-screen concept to a whole new level. For example, the app can help you choose the best defense to counter your opponent’s line of scrimmage formation in Madden 25, and see maps and complete exclusive missions in Dead Rising 3.

Read more about the new Xbox One SmartGlass companion app on the Xbox Wire blog today.

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