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December 4, 2013

Mint now available from the Windows Store

I have heard a lot of great things about Mint from friends. Mint is a personal finance service that gives you the ability to link to more than 20,000 different bank, credit card, loan and investment accounts, making it easy to view all your financial statements in one place to see where your money is going. All these accounts that you link to automatically update giving you the latest and greatest view of all your finances. You get access to this one view of your finances through or through the Mint app. And today the Mint app is available to download (for free) from the Windows Store and for your Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store.


After spending a few weeks with Mint, I can say my friends were right – Mint is really good at helping manage your finances. Previously, I had been managing a budget in an Excel spreadsheet and manually putting in numbers every few weeks. With Mint, I was able to retire that spreadsheet, link all my accounts, and get a single view that updates automatically always giving me the most up to date look at all my finances at any given moment. And I get access to this right from my Start screen with the Mint app for Windows 8.1. The Mint app has a Live Tile and supports all the various tile sizes in Windows 8.1 including the large tile which displays quite a bit of real-time financial updates on my Start screen. I can also snap the Mint app next to other apps I have running – which makes cross-referencing things super easy. And I’ll even receive notifications as my accounts update on charges and feels.

Mint today is telling I spent more than I budgeted in the Electronics and Software category. I may have purchased a few more gadgets than I intended to in November. Woops!

Here is the lowdown on what the Mint app for Windows (and Windows Phone) gives you:

  • Monitor accounts anytime, anywhere. Up-to-date account information is easily accessed on Windows Phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
  • Track spending. Transactions are automatically categorized to simplify money management, giving users the ability to organize their finances and create customized budgets.
  • Find ways to save. Mint suggests easy-to-follow steps to save more money based on users’ spending.
  • Enter or edit pending transactions. Add transactions at the time of purchase and instantly see available bank and credit balances.

For more on the Mint apps for Windows and Windows Phone – see Mint’s blog post here.

Start managing your finances with Mint today and download Mint from the Windows Store!