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December 16, 2013

Drive over hills on the moon with physics-based game Hill Climb Racing

I’ve been looking for some neat casual games to play on my Dell Venue 8 Pro and Hill Climb Racing came up as highly recommended – available for free from the Windows Store. Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based game where you play as the eager uphill race Newton Bill. As you play, you unlock new vehicles (you first get to drive a jeep but can vehicles like a motocross bike, monster truck, and others) and collect coins to upgrade your vehicles. You also unlock different stages to drive –beginning at “countryside” – eventually finding yourself on the moon and eventually even Mars! Hill Climb Racing is a highly recommend super-fun game.

Screenshot (1)

I seem to be having issues getting my jeep flipped upright and unable to do anything else. There seems to be a little bit of strategy involved in driving over these hills. Hint: don’t just hit the gas pedal and keep it pressed down…