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January 6, 2014

HP Announces two new all-in-one PCs ideal for business

Today, HP announced the ProOne 400 G1 all-in-one and the HP 205 all in one. If your new year’s resolution is to finally get the old Windows XP PCs out of your office and bring in new, fast, shiny and more secure PCs, than look no further than these two beauties.

Let’s start with the ProOne 400. There are two iterations of this device—a 21.5” version with a touch screen, as well as a 19.5” version without touch. I absolutely love having a touchscreen on my PC, and would highly recommend the 21.5” model if you do (or if you even think you would) too.



The ProOne 400 is powered by Windows 8.1, allowing you to take advantage of all the latest and greatest features. I personally am a big fan of new ways to customize my Start screen, deeper SkyDrive integration and Bing Smart Search. It also features a fast and powerful 4th generation Intel Core processor build to handle all the work you can throw at it.

Featuring standard VESA support, you can mount this device to a wall, cart, arm or other accessories enabling you to work where and when you need to. It also includes a built in webcam ideal for Skype meeting or chatting with friends and family after hours. A Display port allows you to connect to a secondary monitor, and the USB 3.0 ports making connecting to other peripheral devices, like a phone easy.

The HP 205 is a bit smaller than the ProOne 400 and features an 18.5” HD display and starts at a very compelling price of $499 in the US. It features a sleek design and thin profile, making it an excellent addition to a desk or workspace. It is powered by Windows 8.1 and AMD E-Series Dual-Core processors.


Out with the old, and in with the new—a new HP all-in-one that is! The HP ProOne 400 is now globally available and starts at $649, while the touch version starts at $799. As I mentioned before, the HP ProOne 400 starts at $499 and is available in select countries. Visit today to check them out for yourself!