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January 7, 2014

CES2014: ORIGIN PC Announces Amazing Customizable PC Case

ORIGIN PC is known for their awesome high-performance PCs. Today, ORIGIN PC has announced two amazing new case designs that will serve as the backbone of their MILLENIUM (mid-tower) and GENESIS (full-tower) PCs. What makes these new cases newsworthy is the combination of striking industrial design, customizability, and extensibility. I had the opportunity to see these new PCs just before CES 2014 started when CEO Kevin Wasielewski gave me a private tour of this new lineup of ORIGIN PCs. I left wanting one!


Bold and clean lines define the look of the new MILLENIUM and GENESIS PCs from ORIGIN (Click/Tap to enlarge)

ORIGIN PC has taken a different approach with the design of this new PC case system. The only difference between the MILLENIUM and GENESIS PCs is the expansion base which can accommodate additional radiators for liquid cooling, or extra drives (up to 12 3.5” drives or 24 2.5” drives). It’s easiest to see the difference when you look at the MILLENIUM and GENESIS cases side-by-side:


MILLENIUM mid-tower case (left) next to GENESIS full-tower case (right) – (Click/Tap to enlarge)

If you own a MILLENIUM PC, you can always upgrade your PC to become a GENESIS by ordering the full-tower expansion kit. Here’s what the expansion base looks like setup for cooling:


Expansion base setup for dual cooling radiators – (Click/Tap to enlarge)

And here’s what the expansion base looks like setup for storage:


Expansion base can be setup to hold up to 24 2.5” drives – (Click/Tap to enlarge)

Here is a summary the unique and notable features included in the MILLENIUM and GENESIS cases:

  • Variable Mounting system enables motherboard to be oriented four different ways so that you can optimize the placement and visibility of your PC’s internal components
  • 4-Way NVIDIA SLI support in any orientation (using Variable Mounting)
  • Dual-Hinge front door enables left-to-right or right-to-left opening directions
  • 5 hot-swappable hard drive bays with optional locking mechanism
  • Full-tower expansion kit enables MILLENIUM case to be converted to GENESIS case
  • Smart Fan Controller allows you to easily toggle between full manual control of fans and motherboard fan control
  • Remote controlled LED lighting system

To learn more about the new MILLENIUM and GENESIS desktop PC cases, please visit

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