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January 9, 2014

CES2014: TierTime Launches Windows 8.1 3D Printer Driver

At CES 2014, 3D printing has become one of the most exciting technology categories. With Windows 8.1 native 3D printing support, new 3D printers, and new apps available there’s no shortage of cool new 3D printing tech to experience.

During CES 2014 3D printer manufacturer Beijing TierTime launched their Windows 8.1 3D printer driver to the world. Now owners of the TierTime Up Plus 2 and TierTime Up Mini 3D printers can experience the full benefits of 3D printing support on Windows 8.1!

TierTime is known for 3D printers that are both capable and very affordable. The TierTime Up Mini costs less than $1000. and includes many features normally found on more expensive 3D printers.


TierTime Up Mini features enclosed build chamber (click/tap to enlarge)

For those looking for an affordable but more capable 3D printer TierTime offers the Up Plus 2 3D printer which can be had for less than $2000. The Up Plus 2 features a standard-equipment heated build platform, and is optimized for printing with ABS filament.


TierTime Up Plus 2 3D printer on display at CES 2014

You can learn more about this new release from TierTime by reading their CES 2014 press release announcing the availability of their Windows 8.1 3D printer driver.

Stay tuned here on the Extreme Windows Blog for more 3D printing news from CES 2014!

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