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January 10, 2014

PBS’s Wild Kratts app brings science and fun to Windows phones and PCs

Hey, parents! If your young ones are fans of PBS’s science-infused animated adventure series Wild Kratts, check out the new Wild Kratts Creature Power app that just arrived this morning in the Windows and Windows Phone stores. 

Perfect for the K-to-2 set, the $2.99 app features three interactive nature games. Kids try to pollinate flowers as a bee, bathe elephants, and feed a family of raccoons—mini-challenges that also quietly deliver some useful scientific concepts and fun facts. My own kids are big fans of the show and will likely be all over this one. And the app itself seems to strike just the right balance between playful and PhD: Kids can also earn stickers and take selfies in the Kratts’ cool Creature Power Suit. 

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