January 30, 2014 2:48 pm

Beats Music app for Windows Phone arrives in the US

Looking for a new source for tunes? The official Beats Music app just arrived for Windows Phone 8, and is worth a listen. Download it now

The app, for now available only in the United States, includes a free seven day trial and charges $9.99 a month thereafter. I liked its clean design and some of the creative ways it tries to suss out your musical tastes—like “The Sentence” feature, pictured below. Once you’ve selected a handful of artists and genres you like, Beats Music does the rest, delivering a playlist full of songs suited to your tastes. If you want to get more hands on, you can also search for your favorite songs or artists. The Beats Music catalog contains more than 20 million songs from every genre.

Beats Music for Windows Phone debuts in the U.S.Beats Music for Windows Phone debuts in the U.S.