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February 19, 2014

Keep track of your valuables with Nokia Treasure Tag

Today, Nokia has announced Treasure Tag to help you keep track of valuable things like your car keys, wallet, or even your bag. Treasure Tag is a small 30 x 30 x 10mm device that gets paired to your Lumia Windows Phone via NFC or Bluetooth. Once you do that, you’ll be asked to download the Nokia Treasure Tag app from the Windows Phone Store. Once you get out of range of whatever you have “tagged”, both your Lumia Windows Phone and the Treasure Tag will emit a loud tone to alert you. If you miss an alert, you can use the Nokia Treasure Tag app to locate what you’ve lost on a map, powered by HERE. Cool, huh?


You can have up to four different Treasure Tags connected to your Lumia Windows Phone at any given time. And you can assign icons or photos to these Treasure Tags and pin them to your Start screen as they have Live Tiles and are colored to match the Treasure Tag. If for some reason you need to deactivate a Treasure Tag (let’s say you left your bag at home), you can by a long press on the Treasure Tag. You can also mute the alarm or put it into sleep mode from within the Nokia Treasure Tag app.

Oh and each Nokia Treasure Tag has up to six months of battery life which is replaceable.

For more on Nokia Treasure Tag, read this blog post from Nokia Conversations.

Nokia Treasure Tag is expected to be available at retailers globally in April for a recommended retail price of about $29.90 (U.S.) or €24,90. They will be available in four different colors: cyan, yellow, white and black. Nokia Treasure Tag will work with Lumia Windows Phones hat have the Lumia Black update.

I will be buying 4 yellow Nokia Treasure Tags promptly when they become available! What about you?