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February 27, 2014

Here’s the latest Next Big Thing – our latest collection of amazing new apps and games

We’re always watching to see what independent developers are going to come up with for Windows Phone. And every month, we add our favorites to The Next Big Thing Collection. Here are a few new games we’ve added for this month we think you should check out:

Finding Teddy


A little girl’s teddy bear was stolen as she slept, and now you’re following her into a dark cupboard to find the monster who took it. It’s a mysterious, magical world of pixilated fun, with monsters, oddities and riddles that distract her from her quest…and might also make it difficult for you both to find your way out. Download Finding Teddy today from the Windows Phone Store for $2.49 (U.S.).

Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer


Exploding tomatoes! Flying cherries! Fleet-footed lemons! You’re now in a world where crazy mad fruit are on the attack, determined to destroy your blender. What can you do? Circle them with your finger to form a protective bubble, then thrown the bubble right into the whirring blades. Prepare to defend your juicer from Angry Fruit Pirates, a Fruit Army and hordes of Fruit Zombies. It’s a produce section straight from a hilarious nightmare! Download Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Paper Monsters


Prepare to be amazed in the world of Paperland, where a charming being made from paper, cardboard and a few cotton balls zips and jumps his way up and across platforms to protect his territory from Lord Papyrus and his minions. The graphics are stunningly fresh and the music is bubbly and fun (wear your headphones!), so get ready for 28 levels and 6 unique worlds of charming, platforming adventures. Download Paper Monsters for $.99 (U.S.) from the Windows Phone Store.

Throne Wars


Cunning and bravery count for a lot in this medieval adventure of battlefields and pillaged towns. You start as a young regent of single city, but if you plan right and move fearlessly, you can go on to build an unconquerable kingdom. Take on enemies, capture kingdoms, and form a mighty alliance in competition with thousands of other players. Who will be the King of Kings? Only the player whose desire to build is unquenchable. Download Throne Wars for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Jolly Fish


A jolly little jelly fish needs to make his way through a series of underwater passageways, floating up and down at your touch so he’s positioned just right to keep moving ahead. It’s isn’t difficult, but it definitely isn’t as easy as you might think. Sit back with Jolly Fish for a few minutes – or a few days – of mesmerizing fun. Download Jolly Fish for free from the Windows Phone Store.

You can check out this month’s The Next Big Thing Collection by clicking here that includes the above games and more. We’re huge fans of seeing our community of independent developers build new and different games. These games are further proof of just how much they enjoy entertaining you and me!

You can also check out a few of my favorite Windows and Windows Phone apps here in this blog post I published earlier today.